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  Shenzhen zhongzhou trademark is a registered firm in accordance with the trademark law and the administration of trademark agency procedures established in specialize in the trademark legal services, at the national trademark office filing the trademark Agency services. Shenzhen Nakasu trademark registered firm by dozens of name has years agent experience of agent and intellectual property professional lawyer composition, solid of legal theory based and rich of agent practice experience and the seriously, and rigorous, and modest of style, makes Shenzhen Nakasu trademark registered firm formed for a support professional, and Shenzhen Nakasu trademark registered, and Shenzhen trademark registered, and Shenzhen trademark application, and Shenzhen trademark agent, and Shenzhen registered trademark, and Shenzhen trademark registered company, and Shenzhen trademark registered agent, and Shenzhen trademark query, and Shenzhen trademark firm efficient, and shortcut, and Integrity of service teams. Shenzhen zhongzhou trademark registration office and patency of the intellectual property Department has established good business contacts, to timely and accurate for the applicant to provide a full range of intellectual property services, including for enterprises as annual IP Counsel, provide legal services for customers.
Shenzhen zhongzhou trademark registration firm for your trademark registration service provided by:
1, trademark registration: professionals provide clients with free advice. Clients identify trade name and product category, the new query will filter to see if there is no prior rights on the trademark in the relevant categories exist, effectively avoid the risk of trademark was rejected. Trademark registration
2, the medium-term: a sincere commitment to one-stop management, communicate the trademark applications to customers on a regular basis the status of that trade mark applications for real-time tracking of status for a period of three months.
3, trademarks filing late: genuine commitment in the coming ten years, trademark monitoring services for customers on the market in the country, such as found in the same or similar trademarks in other parts of Germany new legal advice in a timely manner to maintain customer's trademark rights.
4, registered trademark: trademark management process, if the customer needs, new commitments provide the perfect management system of registered trademarks, trademark issues involved providing legal advice to customers.
5, trademark seminar and training: if necessary, we'll have trademark knowledge training seminars for clients on a regular basis, were invited to attend meetings of the customer's valuable intellectual property, to provide professional advice.

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