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Jordan Sports "alongside celebrity" sued trademark stock dual concerns

  Jordan PE "alongside celebrity" sued trademark double worry of stock
has succeeded Jordan sport, still distanced "alongside celebrities" question. Recently, some consumers initiate litigation to the Beijing Haidian District people's Court said dealer purchases from Jordan of the Jordan brand clothing, advocacy had not been informed regardless of the NBA star Michael Jordan, misleading and deceptive to consumers.
proceedings show the plaintiff claims that "Jordan" translation has been widely known, Jordan Sports dealers with "Jordan" brand name clothing, and does not indicate to the consumer and respected stars "Jordan" has nothing to do, resulting in misleading the consumer. Risks remain

trademark in the Jordan Sports prospectus, the company noted there are trademarks and trade names of potential risks, and actively distanced relationship with Jordan, claiming that Jordan brand has no relationship with Michael Jordan, Jordan was not a registered trademark to the company any rights and claims.
but even Michael Jordan Sports? Jordan's two sons names "jiefuliqiaodan" and "makusiqiaodan" registered in China. In addition, associated with the Jordan Sports had registered a company, named "the Lakers sports", at present, the company has written off.
Jordan Sports compared with Nike in the prospectus that its differences with Jordan brand Air Jordan products, there is no potential disputes.
Nike wholly-owned subsidiary of converse in "Star" logo, started proceedings with the Jordan Sports for a long time, the company has not publicly disclosed in the prospectus.
of the action the consumer policy law firm Wang told reporters in Beijing, 2000 Jordan sport started using "Jordan" as part of its trade name and trademarks, misleading and cheating a lot like United States basketball stars Michael Jordan and relevant consumer love sports. Jordan Sports lent the name known for quickly growing competition is clearly not enough credit.
Wang believe that Jordan's trademark disputes have the potential to trigger the suspension of the sport. In addition, in Jinjiang, Anta, peak brands chosen for overseas listing, only Michael Jordan sports supplies sports to become the first a-share listed companies. According to United States law, Jordan sport will constitute an infringement, selected domestic market is to a large extent in order to avoid legal risks.
inventory worries
except for trademark risk, Jordan sport inventory has increased significantly in recent years. Prospectus showed that in late 2009 the company stock was 282 million yuan in 2010, rising to 380 million at the end, an increase of 34.86%; end of June 2011 and further to 512 million Yuan, the growth rate reached 34.79%. Compared to the end of 2009, Jordan 82% sports inventory as much as of the end of June 2011.
in this regard, the company explained that the inventory increase is mainly due to "expanding the scale of production and sales".
prospectus also showed, significant increase in the first half of 2011, Jordan sport stock is the important factor of processed goods increased more than 1 time, end of June 2011 to 167 million Yuan, accounting for one-third of the total inventory. Jordan Sports
said most of sportswear and a few trainers produced by the sub-contractor, if you are Foundry productivity, the process does not meet the requirements will result in product delays and lower quality, affect the company's business performance.
with the Jordan Sports inventory, receivables also increased sharply, end of June 2011, the accounts receivable reached 584 million in 2010, representing a growth of 380 million by the end of the 51.82%. Turnover from 2008 28.19 7.04/year/year into the first half of 2011. Sports
Jordan explained that the company accounts receivable mainly for the dealer's loan receivable, in order to help dealers more capital into the market, accelerate product sales and reduced inventory, the company's dealers back relaxed, and resulted in increased receivables.
as shown in the prospectus, Jordan sport receivable within one year, in which more than 3 months spread over 90%. In this case, the company in 2008 sales of 1.158 billion yuan, receivable only 41.09 million Yuan, 3.5%; and by the first half of 2011, revenues of 1.7 billion yuan, receivables of more than 580 million Yuan, up to 34% per cent.
Jordan Sports dealer shop is the most important part of the sales network, accounted for the majority of its stores. Jordan sports, said companies there rely on the dealer risks as a whole.
it is worth noting is that sports apparel industry is extremely sensitive to fashion trends, Jordan sport, claimed that fashion trends change faster, seasonal products sales time is relatively short, if we fail to grasp the market demand will cause current sales, inventory backlogs.


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