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Registered trademarks by the objection Qian an Eyewear brand development deadlocked

  in September 2005, has been engaged in the glass industry for 16 years, Qian an entrepreneur Wang Wenjiang, after his years of practice and following the market test, to register with the trade and Industry Bureau to apply for including "Xiao scholars", two marks. However, in 2008 the public notice period, "Xiao scholars" trademark but rejected by the opposition. Today, Wang Wenjiang in the official struggle on the road, "Xiao scholars" trademark registered, remains elusive. Registered trademarks by the peer object
/> the morning of December 3, reporters at the convenience of Tangshan glasses technology limited liability company located in a shop in qianan met General Manager Wang Wenjiang, Institute has registered more than 5 years of "Xiao scholars", Wang Wenjiang look helpless.
Wang Wenjiang, told reporters that he began in 1989, Qian ' an has been engaged in glass business for many years, under Wang Wenjiang and employees continues study, the company has won two national patents and created the company's own brand. Around 2004, Wang Wenjiang begins with "Xiao scholars" for the brand, the official sales, "Xiao scholars" gene bifocal glasses, myopia control "Xiao scholars" glasses myopia treatment and "Xiao scholars" vision rehabilitation technologies and other products.
in order to protect the interests of its own trademark, in September 2005, Wang Wenjiang to the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office (hereinafter referred to as the Trademark Office) for registration of "Xiao scholars" trademark. In June 2008, when the "Xiao scholars" trademarks when entering the period of notice, suddenly the "Xiao scholars" and "Elimination of myopia" sounds like, would mislead consumers by demurred. "In addition, 2009 I want to apply to the Trademark Office Registration ' Xiao scholars ' trademarks, found in qianan city clear glasses company in August 2008 and has applied for registration ' Shaw scholars ' trademark. "Wang Wenjiang said:" then as far as I know, before challenging the notice period is prescribed glasses company person in charge. "
business development into a dilemma
Wang Wenjiang, told reporters that while registering" Xiao scholars "trademark encountered difficulties, but over the years, he never gave up on the" Xiao scholars "series of eyewear product development and promotion. In August 2007, "Xiao scholars" glasses by Hebei Administration for industry and Commerce also consumer associations established as the eighth Hebei provincial consumer trustworthy product.
However, despite developments in its heyday, but Wang Wenjiang was always unhappy. "His trademark not registered successfully, enterprise development has been at the bottleneck, and not only that, but if the other does not have ' Xiao scholars ' column of product research and development technology company won the ' Xiao scholars ' trademarks or similar trademarks, that is likely to cause confusion in the industry, and ultimately misleading. "Wang Wenjiang said.
as "Xiao scholars" trademark objections in public stage, until now, he has insisted on defence, an early success that the trademark registration, "However, things are going very slowly, until now, I still see glimmers of success. "Wang Wenjiang said that in recent years, he has been as a trademark issue, and involves a great deal of experience, and, for" Xiao scholars "series of future trends, he was equally indecisive.
out of glasses: never compete with trademark
on December 6, reporters also interviewed out glasses Sun Peiwen, General Manager. Sun Peiwen said he applied for "Shaw scholars" and "Xiao scholars" two marks, but is not intended to compete with the glasses for the convenience.
"first of all, I would like to say that I did not Wang Wenjiang's ' Xiao scholars ' opposition is filed. "Sun Peiwen said," as said in 2008, I applied for trademarks related to the two, but I'm applying for two of the more than more than 20 trademarks and the category is irrelevant. I know Wang Wenjiang after an opposition is filed, I no longer exercise power but gave up two. "
in an interview, Sun Peiwen said the convenience of glasses is repeatedly entangled matter, suspected of taking hype. "The ' Xiao myopia ' and not a well-known brand in the industry, so we can't be using registered trademarks and its competition. "Sun Peiwen said," I think the other is speculation, to increase its brand awareness. ”


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