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IPad game renewed Proview trademarks in China vs United States iPad for sale infringing

  "eNet Francisco information centre News" December 31 earlier this month, Apple iPad with the Proview trademarks in China Games, Apple lost, lost the iPad trademark in China, caused Apple's awkward and unfavorable situation in China, but still not quite over. Yesterday, Proview technology (Shenzhen) company limited ("Shenzhen Proview") to Gome, Shenzhen ("GOME") identifies sales of iPad Tablet iPad trademark without permission from a lawsuit, take GOME on the Court. Ask the company to stop selling iPad Tablet and associated advertising campaign.
Shenzhen only Crown said, its is "iPad" registered trademark of legal registered trademark right people, and Gome Electrical unauthorized sales with "iPad" trademark identifies of handheld flat computer products, move serious violations has plaintiffs registered trademark of dedicated right, requirements court decree Gome Electrical immediately stop sales "iPad" series flat computer commodity of violations registered trademark dedicated right behavior, immediately destroyed infringement identifies and packaging, immediately stop "iPad" series commodity of advertising publicity activities, and bear survey, and Reasonable expenses such as forensics and litigation costs.
in this regard, the company responded by saying that Apple and Proview trademark litigation, despite the verdict, but judgment has not yet entered into force, Proview this is abuse of the judicial resources of Shenzhen, is indiscriminate.
it is understood that after Apple sued Proview in Shenzhen in China, hoping to get iPad trademark rights in mainland China, but Waterloo, which led to the Apple iPad sales in China "name is not correct, the words will not go" and direct impact on Apple iPad 3 in China.
face is "haemorrhaging" buy Proview iPad trademark, name or let the Apple iPad in China, insiders speculate that although a name does not affect the product, but Apple won't take the risk, only submit.


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