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Warner Brothers filed for trademark greyfoundry domain name was registered

  Warner Brothers apply for a domain name was registered greyfoundry trademark name
Chinese (, December 21, foreign media news, Warner Brothers recently seems to have a new plan, to develop a new video game on 15th of this month, Warner Brothers entertainment to the United States Patent and Trademark Office has submitted four separate trademark applications in the field of file greyfoundry, greyfoundry concern related domain name.
grey gray of Italy, and foundry was casting, foundry and other means, speculation in the industry, greyfoundry is a fighting genre games, query understanding current domain name was registered, the domain name was registered as early as September, temporarily invisible information is associated with Warner Brothers.
Warner Brothers is in place for domain name protection and related products have repeatedly registered domain name, for example, on November 29, the Warner Brothers film company to register domain name registration domain name include, such as and domain names.

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