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Africa trademark registration

 , the Member States of the African intellectual property registration overview
the African Intellectual Property Organization (African Intellectual Property Organization, OAPI for short) is led by former France colonial French is the official language of the country in a regional Federation of the protection of intellectual property rights. Headquartered in the Cameroon capital, Yaounde, and unified management of Member States ' trademark.
Member States of the African intellectual property organization is the France colony, so not know the registration specifies the use of the language is French. For domestic applicants, increase the difficulty of applying for registration.
not know within the Member States of the Organization in the field of trademarks by non-knowing organizational constraints, countries do not have separate trademark system, so there is no one country the possibility of registering, can only be registered by non-known organizations.
trademark from the date of filing, for years, and each renewal of registration shall be valid for ten years.
II, the conditions required, documents and registration procedures
? Free basic registration requirements. Any hopes in the African intellectual property organization received trademark protection of natural or legal persons.
/> 2, application documents? Power of Attorney: provided by the total company, the applicant signed and stamped;
? Applicant copy of ID 1;
? Name and address of the applicant in English;
? Protection category and product/service name is required;
? Trademark design.

3, registration procedures? Apply to the African intellectual property organization registration, official review by the admissible;
? Application form review and examination as to substance, shall be approved and registered. After registration of the trademark shall be published in the Official Gazette. For a period of six months, with no opposition or dissent is not established, the trademark registration.
? Censor during the formal examination and the examination as to substance, if rejected, applicants or their agents to still have a chance, according to official dismissed the reasons with a response.
? If someone objected to the published during the objection period, applicants should also respond to reviewers understand the reference. If the applicant refuses to accept the ruling, can also be brought to court.
third, Member States of the African intellectual property organization
a total of 16 member countries-Cameroon, Benin, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, the Congo (Brazzaville), Chad, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Côte d ' Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Equatorial Guinea. The African Intellectual Property Organization (Headquarters in Cameroon) after the application for the trademark approved for registration, are protected in all Member States.
four, African intellectual property organization registration fees
enquiry have practical experience of the lawyer or agent organization. Not knowing the address is relatively backward, recommended by acting with a certain scale in order to guarantee the security of application for registration.


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